Adelaide Fringe 2018: “Under the Covers” Vol 2

The Adelaide Fringe 2018 is now here. For all of you that wouldn’t be aware of that, here I am, ready to ring the bell, sound the horn, post a notice, write and blogging about it. Just so you know… the Adelaide Fringe 2018, is here.

Long time has passed since I wrote anything on this Blog. Let’s say I took a loong holiday… A break. Before going back to my holiday, I wanted to make sure we were going to talk about the Fringe, or even better… I wanted to make sure we were going to talk about one of the shows you will be able to go to, in this Fringe 2018: “Under the Covers” vol 2.

Yep, in case you were wondering, it’s called shameless marketing.

It happened that I got asked to help this lovely bunch of lovely beings, to put together a show that would allow students and teachers from the “Zig Zag Circus”, circus school, to look at their best under the spot lights. After running a performance skills workshop and starting the general rehearsals, I realised that their level of motivation was so high, that this was going to be a very smooth task. They created their single performances, helped each other out, came up with ideas, worked together, very well!!

We feared we were going to run out of time, and we almost did. Although, everybody did their part and, even if, as usual, we had our dose of hiccups, misunderstandings and challenges, and even if, there are still a few short segments that would require a little bit of attention, the whole show has come together very well and I’m very happy of how much each other was both ready to listen to suggestions, as much as they were prepared to come up with plenty of ideas themselves. The best part? They were good ideas!

Our first show will be tomorrow night. We’ll have 3 shows only: 16th, 17th of February at 9.50pm, and 23rd of February at 11.15pm. Where? The Empyrean, Gluttony, in the City. (Fb page, Fb event, Fringe Tix).

Having so many Fringe shows to choose from can be a daunting experience. That is why it becomes important to get an insight from whenever you can. Are you after an enjoyable show?? This will do the job just right.

The show will take place in a Hotel, where both the guests and the hotel workers will deal with their everyday life in their own quirky way. The Bell Boys, the Diva, the Bride not to be, are some of the characters you can find in this show. There will be dreaming moments, we will have soaring moments.

By buying your ticket, you’ll have a great night and you’ll help the Adelaide based Zig Zag Circus Community to get great support (who doesn’t love to have a huge cheering crowd ready to be amazed and entertained) and a good (financial) start of 2018. What’s in it for you? The feeling that you are choosing the Festival side of the Adelaide Fringe and not the BIG productions coming here to milk your money! Not enough!? Ok, you’ll love it! It’s a good Circus show, made with passion, technique, hard work and enthusiasm, with plenty of cover musics to keep your ears engaged as much as your other senses!

Under the Covers Vol 2. Spread the word, buy the ticket, watch the show.

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Are we going to need an ark, hovercraft or dingy to get to the gym?

Here we are with a new blog from Hit Ball down under.

Have a read, enjoy, follow it, take care.

Are we going to need an ark, hovercraft or dingy to get to the gym?.


Stay coast,


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2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 4,400 times in 2013. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Playing with Final cut pro x

Just a quick project to practice some video editing.

Have a look and tell me what you think. Any constructive feedback is more than welcome! If it would happen that the link is broken, it could be because the video had to be removed. No copyright infringement intended. All credits need to go to the right owners. Excerpt from the movie the Matrix have been used for didactical reasons only.

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The Martyr, teaser

This time it looks like they got me tied up on a chair!

Sounds good you would say..? I’m not that sure!

Check this out: 

Stay coast, stay blogged.



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Extreme tumbling

In case you missed it!!!

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Artistic Residency in Whyalla, Arte Commedia aka Alessandro Gavello goes Regional on a Cargo Project.

When?June 2011.

Where? Memorial Oval Primary School in Whyalla.

What? 1 week of Commedia dell’Arte and Circus with final performance at the end of the week.

How? Through Carclew Youth Arts

It has been a fantastic experience, the whole community has been very supportive. The kids had a chance as well to put together their own masks. Here are an example:

Various Characters masks

On the top left we can see the “Capitano masks”, vertically in the centre we got some “Pantalone masks” and in the bottom left and on the right half of the image we got the “Servants masks” that come with different designs, such as:

Female Servant (Zagna)

Notice the eyebrows to identify it as a female servant, or even different models like…

Male Servant (Zanni)


Female Servant (Zagna)

Male servant (Zanni)

Let’s see a little bit closer a Capitano Mask (in the final version that you can see in the first image you may notice that a feather has been added on their foreheads, just to make them more “Capitano” like)


… & a Pantalone mask


If you are interested in having a similar experience you can either contact me or Carclew and let them know you are looking for having Alessandro Gavello coming to your school!

Special thank you for who developed the masks design we used in Whyalla:

visual artists James Parker and John Whitney (even if he doesn’t have a website, you can find some info about him here).

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