Primary Schools Shows & Workshops


a performance with a mixed blend of Commedia dell’Arte, Circus and Magic.

Duration of the show: from 35 to 40 minutes plus Q&A time.

Fees for this performance: (in the Metro Area): $500 for the first 100 students plus $5 per additional student.

Using just one teaching performer (and a little audience involvement) “CIRCOMMEDIA” introduces up to 5 of the major Commedia dell’Arte characters (including servants, Masters, the Lovers and il Capitano). Within the structure of a show, new audiences are able to gain an introduction to this powerful and ancient performing art form.

Using physical comedy (slapstick), verbal gags (lazzi) in a semi-improvised form, this show leads the audience through the basics of Commedia dell’Arte and the basic building blocks it provided, and still provides, to modern western theatre.

Commedia dell’Arte resonates with all audiences because it’s based on the basic human necessities of our everyday lives. Everybody knows how it feels to be hungry, sleepy, greedy, tired, in love and all the other emotions that make us human. Of course this understanding varies and modified versions of the shows are presented to younger audiences.

This show is a perfect practical introduction to Commedia dell’Arte, especially for Drama and Italian students of all ages.

Minimum space requirements: 2mt x 3mt of clear, safe, clean and flat surface.
Lights: basic.
Microphone and PA: only in outside venues or big halls.

Props needed: 2 Tables and 3 chairs

Language spoken: it can be performed in English only or bilingual, English/Italian.

Australian Curriculum

Some of the points of the new 2014 DRAMA curriculum that “CirCommedia” can address with the students involved:

Foundation to Year 2

Years 3 and 4 Band Description

  • Identify intended purposes and meaning of drama (…) using the elements of drama to make comparisons (ACADRR034) by identifying meaning and describing purposes in a play that originated from different social, cultural or historical contexts but is still very actual in our everyday life; by comparing the expectations and requirements of performers and audience in different cultural settings and applying learning in their own performances.

Years 5 and 6 Band Description

  • Explore dramatic action, empathy and space in improvisations, playbuilding and scripted drama to develop characters and situations (ACADRM035) by comparing different ways improvisation and scripted drama create characters and action, and evaluating drama from other cultures and considering how they can use specific techniques in their own work; by considering how the voice, movement, gesture and the body are used to represent a character, situation or idea; how the performers use the elements of drama and how the devised drama can be developed to communicate meaning.
  • Explain how the elements of drama and production elements communicate meaning by comparing drama from different social, cultural and historical contexts (..)(ACADRR038) by exploring and experiencing drama traditions from other places and times and how it might or does contribute to their own drama, and how cultural understandings shape meanings in drama.

Years 7 and 8 Band Description

In Years 7 and 8, learning in Drama builds on the experience of the previous band. It involves students making and responding to drama independently, and with their classmates, teachers and communities. They explore drama as an art form.

  • Analyse how the elements of drama have been combined in devised and scripted drama to convey different forms, performance styles and dramatic meaning (ACADRR045) by having to identify how the elements were combined to focus and drive the dramatic action for an audience, by analysing how the elements of drama are used in the historical and contemporary conventions of particular forms and styles and by discussing how the elements of drama have been used in the performance they have seen, considering viewpoints – meanings and interpretations of the Director/Actor in the act they have been exposed to. Accessing and researching historical references about Commedia is strongly suggested as well, before the performance, to allow a better familiarity with the craft.


Fees for this workshop: (in Metro Area) $280.

Please note: for classes with more than 15 kids I would require an assistant, that can be provided by the school (it may be the class teacher, that needs to be ready to be involved) or that I can provide for $120.

Workshop details:

Length: up to 2 hours

Space requirements: depending the numbers of the students taking part of it. In any case it has to be a flat and safe surface to walk on bare feet and have a minimum  of 8mt x 8mt.

Content of the workshop: the content can be tailored to suit your requests, although, this is what I would suggest:

·     Light physical/mental warm up using some drama games

·     Practice of some basic Commedia physicality (Servants and, eventually, Lovers)

·     Linking Italian language with the exaggerated Commedia gestures and movements

This workshop is designed as a tool to help the kids using the words because of their meaning instead of a translation from the native language to a foreign language. It can include:

  • how to meet and greet
  • simple use of verbs
  • basic questions and answer

Any specific request, please ask.


– In collaboration with Zig Zag Circus– from basic acrobatics to tumbling, from aerial equipment to balancing and manipulation (as juggling, flower-sticks, rings, spinning plates, etc…).

Please ask us for a quote and more details. If you have any specific requests we’ll see how to accommodate them.

Please note:

Specific requirements (important details to keep in mind when booking us)

Clear communication: please specify the correct name and address of the school
Reserved car park close to the performing space, changing facilities and easy access to bathroom/toilets to be provided.

Payment: 1/2 hour before the beginning of the first performance/workshop (if the payment is not received in time a 10% late fee can be applied and continuation of the performance/workshop cannot be guaranteed)

You have the rights to cancel the booking. Although if this is done within the 21 days prior the date arranged a 50% cancellation fee will be required. Cancelling on the day will require the full payment.

All the prices are intended for the Adelaide Metro Area only. Any performance outside of this area will attract additional fees. If travelling by car, the general policy is to charge $0.85 per km, but each situation is examined on a case by case basis.

Please confirm your booking by email, stating you have read and agreed to all of the conditions above.


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