Ciao Alessandro,

The day went well…it was a very big week with all the preparation it needed, but it was worth it.
The children enjoyed it immensely. It is quite difficult to find Italian performers who can hold the children’s attention.
I will definitely be recommending you to all the other Italian teachers in Adelaide.

A few lines to quote me on…
“Arte Commedia aka Alessandro Gavello holds the children in the palm of his hands for the full 30 minutes.
His transformation into the different commedia characters reminds me of a slapstick Roberto Begnini.
An essential incursion if you are looking to inspire and excite your students about Commedia dell’arte”.

Hope that’s ok.
M. Ferrone,
Southern Montessori School
O’Sullivan Beach.
Event: “Circommedia”


Hi Alessandro,

Hope this isn’t too long!

Just chop and change and use any bits you need BUT you have to make sure that you can still fit us in next semester! 😉 We would love to have you back, probably around the same time of year.

Alessandro has taught both my students and myself so much about Commedia. His intricate knowledge of the genre and its characters is testament to his impressive acting ability and the quality of his training. I enjoyed myself and learnt so much at a staff PD day that I asked him to come and perform then teach a workshop to students at my school.

Alessandro gave a very humorous, interactive and informative lecture / performance that introduced a larger audience to Commedia and its characters. The students learnt a lot and enjoyed being involved in the performance.

Alessandro then took a smaller group for an extended workshop. He engaged and challenged the group  immediately. They enthusiastically tried each of the characters through mimicking Alessandro’s skilful demonstrations of each character’s stance, walks, speech habits and lazzi. The students then had a chance to practice each character in a short improvisation. The class were extremely appreciative, and thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of learning new skills. Each one spontaneously thanked Alessandro. One male student sought Alessandro out after the workshop, shook hands with him and told him “Thankyou, I have learned so much.”

Alessandro is an outstanding resource on all things Commedia and we are so lucky to have him in Adelaide. I will definitely be asking him to come back again this year. Also make sure you go to one of his PD workshops if you have the chance, you’ll learn heaps, be inspired and have fun doing it!”

Kind Regards,

E. Lee
Tatachilla Lutheran College
McLaren Vale
Events: “This is Commedia” plus “Commedia step by step”


Hi Alessandro,

The performance went really well ! I ended up using the neutral mask at the end of the piece as a finale. The kids gained a great deal from your workshop and we would love to have you back with the new group of Physical Theatre students. We would probably have a workshop in early August but can we get back to you with a date later in the year ?

I am more than happy for you to quote me thus-

`Alessandro had a wonderful rapport with my students, his skill level was excellent and my students gained a great deal from his workshop. We will be having Alessandro back again this year as a means for our students to gain a thorough understanding of the many facets of Physical Theatre- Alessandro can do it all !’

Hope that is okay-

Catch you soon and do let us know your availability in August.


K. Inwood
St Johns Grammar
Event: The Neutral Mask-A basic tool for the actor and the performer”


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